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Education in Lithuania

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Education in Lithuania

Nowadays many young people go to foreign countries to get an exterior education. For most of students it is common to go for studies to the Great Britain, Germany or Belgium, but every year, more and more young adults choose Lithuanian universities. They offer university level degree granting studies and award Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral degrees. Students are able to study very different subjects, such as architecture, business and administration, engineering, social sciences and many others. Moreover, they can study all this in English. Graduated in Lithuania students are highly qualified and appreciated not only in Lithuania, but also abroad, especially in European countries.

There are 47 higher education institutions registered in Lithuania: 23 universities and 24 colleges. In comparison to other EU countries (Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Denmark), it is a very big number. Foreign experts have noted the multitude of Lithuanian educational and study institutions which lead to diffusion of educational and financial potential. It is well known that the best universities of Lithuania are situated in the biggest cities, such as capital city Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda, but our company cooperates with all universities, so student has an opportunity to choose where he or she wants to graduate and what this student wants to study. These are the following main reasons for choosing Lithuania:

  • Lithuania EU Member State and its diplomas are recognized in EU. This is one of the most important reasons leading international students to choose studies in Lithuania. After graduating from first cycle studies, they are free to pursue studies in other EU countries and later find employment;
  • Quality of Studies;
  • Easy licensing procedure upon graduation;
  • Country/city specific. Lithuania is a small country with good infrastructure;
  • Relatively low costs of studies and inexpensive costs of living.

During studying process and after students from abroad have an opportunity to practice and get a good and well-paid job in Lithuania, Europe, USA and Canada.

Klaipeda University offers 7 international study programs for foreign students. Its location in a seaport determined that the university develops academic programs not found in other Lithuanian universities, including marine environment research and engineering of marine transport, hydrology and oceanography, port technologies and other.

http://www.ku.lt/en/ — An official internet page of Klaipeda University

Kaunas University of Technology has 151 study programmes, of which 64 are Bachelor’s, 69 are Master’s, 17 are Doctoral and 1 – non-degree student programmes. 39 of them are taught in English, so foreigners could have a possibility to understand lecturers.

http://ktu.edu/ — An official internet page of Kaunas University of Technology

The International School of Law and Business (ISLB) is a modern and fast-growing accredited University of Applied Sciences providing professional Bachelor degrees that open an opportunities to pursue the Master degrees in Lithuania and abroad. For several years now ISLB has topped Lithuanian rankings and has won a reputation of a strong international academic partner.

http://www.islb.eu/ — An official internet page of The International School of Law and Business

As for us it is likely to look for and participate with foreign partners in educational system from Africa and Asia for collaboration.

Our company will provide studying services in Europe from the first step until dreams come true.    


With our help student will get the package of legalized in Europe documents, “D” type visa, university admission without passing an exams and applying for a residence in Europe. The cost of our services starts from 1500 till 3000€, concerning cost of studying, the price is various, beginning from 1380€ in Klaipeda university.  


Step by step:


  1. Start of processing documents: sending us scan of a passport, scan of a birth certificate and scan of education documents;
  2.  Analysis of received documents;
  3. Sending the originals of the requested documents to us;
  4.  We send agreement;
  5.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of European Union checks it;
  6.  After getting a preliminary conclusion payment is made for 50% of the cost on the appointed account;
  7.  Enrollment to the university and full payment of education;
  8.  After us getting all documents for getting visa, there should be paid the rest 50% of the cost;
  9. We send originals to the client.    


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